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Herbal HealthSystems is a standalone medical office. We DO NOT sell medicine nor are we affiliated with any MMJ Center or Caregiver/Growers. It is illegal to provide SPECIAL doctor EVALUATIONS and or be in agreements with others to sell medicine to MMJ patients in the state of Colorado.

Herbal HealthSystems is dedicated to providing you with excellent service. From beginning to end, your experience will be simple and stress-free. Our physicians are compassionate, knowledgeable, and are experts in the field of medical marijuana. Our Denver Metro location is easily accessible from I-25. Over 3 years serving patients in Colorado without incident, we’ve  earned an upstanding reputation in the medical marijuana industry.


 Denver Metro Location

Herbal HealthSystems Denver Metro office location is easily accessible from the majority of the Front Range. Medical marijuana centers, caregivers and law enforcement recognize our name which brings added security to our patients. When you are with Herbal HealthSystems you are with a recognized doctors office with a far reaching presence. Our patients enjoy additional strength in their recommendation as we are the most reliable and professional medical marijuana doctors office in this specialty in Colorado. Herbal HealthSystems is committed to providing you the ongoing long term support you need as a MMJ patient.


Herbal HealthSystems Upstanding Reputation

Many MMJ office locations are here today and gone tomorrow. The worst thing imaginable is for you to be a patient of a Dr. that no longer exists and therefore is unable help you in your time of need. Herbal HealthSystems has a team of experienced doctors ready to help you improve the quality of your life. Along with everything else you get from Herbal HealthSystems, you can rest assured we will be here to support you now and far into the future.


Now is NOT the time to go with the “low price leader” or “MMJ Doctor Offices that have SPECIAL MMJ EVALUATIONS” usually resulting in a fee change. Remember you have the freedom to choose your own caregiver.

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